perfume stylish mini mobile microphone

All This Microphone with Same Features:

1.Compatible with all mobile phone and PC, especially ideal for laptop or notebook.
2.Smaller than your thumb. So cute and cool.
3.Aluminum alloy surface.
4.Plug and play.
5.Standard 3.5mm audio plug.
6.Flexible nylon cable
7.Promotional Gifts Computer Accessories for High Quality Wired Mobile Phone Karaoke Mini Microphone.
8.A stand included for easy height and angle positioning.
9.Compact, mini portable and lightweight, and easy to carry.

But what is different among them?

K1 is the frist version of mini microphone without any earphone plug,so we need another wired jack cable plugif we want to connect to any speaker or earphone

K2 is updated version of K1 with the jack cable plug so we can connect to speaker or earphone directly

K2 shape design still similar to K1

perfume microphone earphone smallest stylish karaoke condenser
perfume mini mobile microphone earphone

K4 and K6 is same shape of microphone, but K4 with earphone itself and with perfume which make it smells very flesh

Mini and portable, ideal for carry-on.
Applications: mobile sing, QQ vioce.
Easy to install and convenient to use.
High-performance microphone accurately reproduces sound.
Plug in, and start recording, no extra gear needed.
Work with any 3.5mm-equipped computer, mobile phone.
With perfume flavor, smell well

Compatible with all PC and IOS&Android mobile Phone
Aluminum alloy surface.
 Plug and play.
Standard 3.5mm audio plug.
Compact and lightweight, and easy to carry.
 Size: 5.8*1.8cm
Color: Silver,Gold,Hot Pink,Blue
Cable length: 1.8m
 Frequency response: 100hz-10khz
Impedance: 2.2k ohm
Sensitivity: -28db ± 3db (0db = 1upa)
Directional: Omnidirectional
Mini computer microphone
The appearance of the subminiature
Ultra clear speech signal
The 3.5 mm plug easy to use convenient, suitable for mobile computer.
Get double adapter 3.5mm audio cable easy to sing Mobile network
Mike capacitance powerful radio performance.
Computer easy to use, the 3.5mm condenser microphone plugged into the computer microphone hole

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